1 February 2015

Our new life above the ground.

Hey guys!! We moved yesterday and right now we won't have internet until Tuesday (or Wednesday?). We're currently in a cafe just so we can have a little bit of internet to catch up on work and such. We're really happy with the new place and our fur-babies seem to love it too– Dumpling didn't let out hog screams as he did with our previous place and Joggy spent a good chunk of his time sniffing about, exploring, and wagging his tail. We encountered quite a fair bit of trouble while moving, though. We took a lot longer than expected and then doggy daycare was closed so  we had to keep Joggy leashed with us as we moved (we couldn't crate him because the mover was there and he doesn't like being around people he doesn't know). Apart from some other hiccups here and there, we had a good night's sleep and set out again today to hunt for furniture!!! I bought an antique table and chair from the 1920s, according to the guy from the shop (but I'm thinking it's a little more like 1950s, ha ha ha. They a little too good to be 95 years old).  I'm so excited to start decorating and furnishing the place, I can't wait for the end result :) Right now I have to quickly get back to doing some homework, but here are a couple of pictures:

Good morning, sleepyhead.

New view!! (can you spot the forest? eek!!!) 

Unpacking this mess is no joke. 
P/s: you can't really see it in this photo, but we basically moved using garbage bags because we didn't want to go through the hassle of buying / taping / flattening cardboard boxes.. we got so many stares from everyone who saw us moving in and out but we saved a ton of money and the joke's on you guys because the garbage bags can always be recycled!! Hahahahahahaha 

(pps: I don't have time to proof-read this post so apologies for any errors!) 

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  1. Congrats for moving in your new place! It takes some time to feel at home but after that you will be feeling great there! Thanks for sharing! Greets!