14 April 2015

Chaaaaanges... I've never been! good! with!!....

Hiiii, guys! I'm currently in the library with a giant cup of coffee and plans to pull an all nighter. I've recently tried the Cornell note-taking method (makes me feel like Andy from The Office saying this), and I've found it to be really effective. So that's one change I've been making in life.

Other changes include:

  • Getting a Phillips Airfryer and cutting down on eating out because I'm making awesome dinner  for us every night. I also make healthy snacks in place of unhealthy ones, like apple crisps and kale chips, which means I'm almost a Vancouverite now. 
  • Signing up for a gym membership. My favourite machine in the gym right now is the one that makes you pretend you're rowing.
  • Selling prints on Society 6–Check it outttt to validate-my self promotion here, and maybe my rent and moves in the future, who knows? 
  • Re-watching Gossip Girl. I don't know how this is a change, but watching this just made me cringe a lot and wonder why I ever was obsessed with a show with a totally unbelievable plot line.. love childs? Fake deaths? Gentlemen's clubs???? Why, Sarah??? 
  • Also, I do our laundry regularly now. Nothing spells I'M AN ADULT!! more than having enough socks and underwear to last you throughout the week.
That's really all I have to say for now, I've got tons of coffee running through my veins, mostly because I asked for an extra expresso shot, and I have to get back to making notes. Have a great week! 

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