6 April 2015

I'm back!!

Hi guys!! It has been a month but... I'm back, I guess. I've been taking time off to kind of find myself and figure things out, and it has been great so far. Every couple of days or so I have a not-so-great one, but it's not all that bad. Again, thank you so much to anyone who took the time to contact me. It really means a lot (and I'm sorry if I left your email sitting in my inbox–I promise I've read all of them, the first week of my internet hiatus was a bad one re: crappy job interview, adjusting to new changes, but that's for another time).

Anyway what I've been up to mostly still revolves around long walks outdoors with Joggy. And of course I'm here to share pictures. Caution, lots of green ahead.

The other day, we took a wrong turn and wound up getting lost. It turned out to be great because we saw a different part of the park we had never seen before, and we found a ton of dandelions. I blew them at Joggy,  half-expecting him to treat them like he would with bubbles. It was great.

Jw and I at Formal!! Formal's always a weird time because I always come down with a sinus infection, and my dress plans always, always fall through. I've never once wore the dress I ordered specifically for formal to formal. 

You can't really tell (it's so hard to get a picture of this, i've been trying to do this without disturbing the birds and every time my efforts don't pay off )  but this is a Great Blue Heron !! We saw our first one a couple of weeks ago and they're here for Spring, I think.  Whenever they fly towards the pond, the other ducks fly away. The first time we saw it, I very daftly asked Jay if that was a vulture. The guy behind us told us it was a Heron (I misheard and went home and googled 'Herring', and found pictures of fish instead). The second time we saw one, I told Jay it looked like the stork that delivered babies. Then a lady told us it was a great blue heron, thereby putting an end to my birdistential crisis.

We also saw and heard a woodpecker for the first time, ever. I loved the sound of it. It kind of sounds like this but it's a lot richer, and hollow-sounding in real life. It reminds me of the wood instruments they use in Taoist prayers.

Geese have started hissing at us, and I guess that means one thing.... BABY GEESE ARE IN THE MAKING!! (!!!!)(!!!!!!!!) I think they hatch in early May. Joggy gets scared of them.

Yesterday was Easter, we went for a long walk in Stanley Park and went on trails that we've never been on. I thought we'd get to see beavers at Beaver Lake, but all we saw were mosquitoes, and all we got were mosquito bites. It was also pretty nice seeing floppy-eared bunnies for like, 3 seconds, and watching moms taking pictures of their kids lying amongst daisies. I also saw little girls making daisy chains. It was kind of weird because it seemed really normal for them, but it was something I only heard of while growing up (I don't think any kid raised in Singapore has ever made a daisy chain..).. for a while all I could think of was, "it's a real thing!!" cause up til then I had only ever read about it. It felt like when you see a semi-famous person in real life. Sort of.

Anyway, that's been mostly what I've been up to. I've been eagerly waiting for summer and shorts weather. For now, I'll be content with FINALLY being able to order iced drinks and the coffee shop because the weather permits it. 

PPS: I want to take the opportunity to rave about Kendrick's To Pimp A Butterfly. It's good. So good. So clever.  That is all. 

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