5 May 2015

Getting Up For The Let Down

Do you know that feeling where you psych yourself up for something



and think that when it happens, it's going to be sooo awesome and it will literally be something you. will. not. forget.

...and then it doesn't turn out the way you expected it to, and you end up being disappointed from your false sense of expected reality?

Like when you can't wait to eat ice cream and watch Zoolander (orange mocha frappucino!!)

... and then you get so tired and fall asleep before you can start watching Zoolander. Then you wake up the next day and want to watch Gossip Girl and have Chunky Munky instead, but you've got a full pint of Cherry Garcia sitting in your fridge and you can't have it go to waste.

Or when you're at the discount grocery store and you see cereal on sale– which can only mean one thing– BIG SAVINGS

and you decide to buy lots of them, because this is THE way to save on breakfast in the coming months.

..and you go home and realize that there was probably a reason why no one wanted to buy this range of cereal in the first place...

False advertising at it's peak. 

... probably because it's sweet and yet every little grain still manages to encompass that cereal-in-water taste.

And your greed has left 4 packets of cereal packaged in what I'll call an "indie whole foods font" sitting in your kitchen cabinet. And guys. Besides being organic and sugar-free and artificial-flavouring-free it's also It's GLUTEN-FREE (!!!!) which is totally the peak of conscious grocery shopping.
So really, it's great savings and healthy eating until you realize that at some point in the coming weeks you'll trudge out anyway for real Lucky Charms.

Or when you go to a job interview and get hired on the spot...and you spend the next day waiting for a phone call you were promised...

..and then waiting turns into a week...

....and your phone hasn't been on silent since

.....and you don't know if you should call back or not out of fear that maybe you actually did get the job, but your phone call might annoy your kind-of boss, and you might kind-of get fired but how can you get fired anyway if you weren't really hired in the first place? Were you even hired in the first place?? Is life but a dream??

Or when you buy a new dress and can't wait to wear it and then you look for the only pair of seamless underwear you own and find it....

in the dog's crate along with all his all his worldly possessions.

And until you buy a new pair, or somehow manage to rid yourself of fear of societal judgements over a little VPL, you will not wear that dress.

My 14-year-old self's iPod would tell 22 year-old me to "stop getting up for the let down".  It's great advice from an emo band.

(PS: I found Jay's unused tablet at home and I'm having lot's of fun drawing with it). 

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