Hullo! I'm Sarah.  I'm 22, residing in Vancouver, and sharing my life with my best friend. Born and bred in Singapore. Jack of all trades and master of making super simple and super awesome sandwiches. Heard my first Nirvana song at 21.
Pleased to meet you!

This is at least the 20th blog I've started, but my aim is now to live a simpler and happier life, and do what I love. This is a lifestlye blog and here I write about things like nesting, cooking, my furry friends, and life in general.  In my free time I unenthusiastically write essays for school, otherwise I am mostly concerned about Saturday Night Live and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Thanks for reading!

Frequently asked questions, according to my good judgement

Do you work? 
I am a Eastern studies major, minoring in Political Science at the University of British Columbia. This is what I tell people anyway. The last year I've focused more on Eastern philosophy / Greek philosophy and I'm considering switching to that. We'll see.

Why do you type in Korean / use Korean makeup / cook Korean food when you're not Korean? 
Being an Eastern studies major (ha ha ha), the area of expertise I've chosen is Korea. I love Korean spirituality and I love reading up on Korean history. It really has nothing to do with the fact that Jw is Korean (though his knowledge of Korea is a bonus when I need help on an essay). Korean food and cooking if something I've learned from him, though.

What kind of Asian are you? (For real). 
Most people here assume I'm Korean, and they are surprised when I tell them that my dad is Singaporean–Chinese and my mom is Thai / Nyonya / Indonesian. It's a good mix. #muttleycrew

What camera do you use?
My trusty iPhone. My photos are edited with the VSCO app. (Pictures before May 2014 were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3). I sometimes use a Canon Rebel T3 when I am not lazy.

Why did you start this blog? 
I read way too many lifestyle and mommy blogs. I decided to start my own blog because writing has always been second skin to me, and I figured that I should be doing more of what I like instead of focusing on things that wouldn't make me happy. Like, worrying about societal expectations and whatnot.

Hey Tajo! Wait.. what? 
Tajo is my boyfriend's nickname for me. It means ostrich in Korean, because apparently I look like an ostrich. In my head, 'hey tajo' is said the way Buster goes 'hey, hermano'

What is the best sandwich you have ever made?
A cheddar cheese toastie with mushrooms. See here. (It's a crappy picture but this sandwich is the bomb diggity. Do people still say that?)

Is English your first language? 
Yes. It's sad that I have to put this up here but this is something that I get asked a lot– "For an Asian, my English is very good" because English is one of the official languages in Singapore.

What should I do in Vancouver?
Lots! of! Things! Truth is, Vancouver feels more like home than Singapore does. Go to Squamish and Whistler no matter the season. Scare yourself on the Capilano suspension bridge. Head Gastown and find that one taxidermy store that I love but do not know the name of. Go to UBC in the summer and lie on the grass and read. Typewrite a love letter.  Visit the cat sanctuary at RAPSEat at these places in Vancouver. Visit these places and people in Vancouver.

What should I do in Singapore?
Being born and bred in Singapore does not mean that I know a lot about the city. I only had my first bowl of laksa when I was 18. In the summer of 2014 I headed back to visit my family and decided to do as many local things as I could– trying to steer clear of Orchard Road. You can read about the places I visited and things I ate here

What lip colour / blush / mascara is that?
This is one question I wish I got, but sadly I don't. I'm just going to answer this in my pseudo FAQ anyway because it's fun and I love talking about make up. I love Korean makeup, with my most favourite brands being Banila Co, Etude House, and Tony Moly. I wear a lot of lip colour and concealer / base from Banila Co, unfortunately I can't give you the colour # because they switch around their products faster than you can say Jack Robinson. I also love NARS Semi Matte Lipstick. My favourite red lipstick is 01 by Kate Moss, and Rouge D'Armani in 400. I only use Gold Glamour Crystal Blusher from Tony Moly, and Nars Deep Throat (I just googled this and they don't have it on their official website....someone please tell me they didn't discontinue it!!!!) My favourite eyeliner is the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liner. I'm not super picky about mascara, I usually use whatever samples I have and I find that most of the Maybelline mascaras work well for me, I reaaaally do like Benefit's They're Real, Diorshow, and Tarte's Lights, Cameras, Lashes though.

Where did you get Dumpling the hog from?  
I got him from a pet store two years ago. This was before I learned about puppy mills (hedgehog mills?) If you are looking to get a hedgehog in Vancouver, or any other pet, please get one from a breeder to ensure that your baby is healthy hog! Alternatively, consider rescuing one. 

Where did you get Joggy the doggy from?
Joggy is a rescue. Before we got him, we had put down a deposit for a three month old puppy, but things didn't work out and I'm so glad they didn't. Joggy is a perfect pup and we love him so much. He truly is our best friend. Sometimes he farts in his sleep and has no idea what woke him up.  If you're thinking of getting a dog, or just any kind of pet, please consider rescuing one from your local shelter.

Where did you get Marmite the Termite from? Why is he Marmite the termite? 
I don't think I've blogged much about Marmite, so here he is if you're unfamiliar with him.  Marmite's a cat that my family adopted after we had to say goodbye to our Rottweiler and other cat. Marmite is, surprise, surprise, a rescue. He is Marmite the termite because termite rhymes with Marmite. When he was a kitten, he started teething and literally chewed on everything, despite getting toys he needed.. and Marmite the termite kind of stuck. He's a grumpy cat, and he probably loved me a little more when he was a kitten, but he's still awesome.

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
42, according to Siri.

I want to say hi! Can I get in touch with you? 
Absolutely––Say hi at sahhchay@gmail.com, and tell me about a good book or song.

If there's anything about me that you really want to know, leave a comment or shoot me an email. I'm currently wearing an old T-shirt and sweatpants. Just fyi.

Last updated: Jan 3, 2015. 

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